copy of Mazinger - Model Kit HG 1/144 Zero(INFINITISM)

License: Mazinger

Product: Model Kit HG 1/144 Zero(INFINITISM)

Brand: Bandai

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Mazinger - Model Kit HG 1/144 Zero(INFINITISM)

Brand: Bandai

The product in question is a model construction kit of Mazinger Zero, a giant robot from the Japanese anime series "Mazinger Z". This is a 1/144th size HG (High Grade) model kit, manufactured by the brand Bandai.

The kit contains all the parts needed to build a detailed replica of the Mazinger Zero robot, including moving parts to recreate combat moves.

Once assembled, the model has a wide variety of joints that allow it to adopt many different poses.

The kit comes in an illustrated box with an image of Mazinger Zero on the front.

Assembly instructions are included inside the box.

In summary, the HG 1/144th Mazinger Zero Infinitism Model Kit is a product for fans of the "Mazinger Z" series who want to build their own detailed replica of this famous giant robot.

With its moving parts and many joints, this kit provides a fun and rewarding building experience for model making fans.

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